business loans
business loans
Business Loan and Credit Line Information: Business loans and Credit Lines are an important part of a growth and ultimate success.  Access to capital is essential for companies to grow and to take advantage of strategic investments. Business loans and credit lines are the most common way for a business to obtain funding. However, there is obvious risk of this type of business loan or credit line in that if the business does fail, the business owner's own money is at risk and their credit rating is subject to the negative reporting. Seed Capital is here to bring you vital information on the financial options that you have for your business, as there are a numerous ways to acquire the necessary funding, including the United States Small Business Administration (SBA), bank loans, private loans and creative financing options like credit cards, and more.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While funding is critical to starting a business, there are many other important aspects such as business model knowledge, business experience, and organization. There are no guarantees of success or profit in any business and you should realize that real estate, internet businesses and technology start ups are even more likely to fail than most.  Please take starting a business and incurring any debt for with the utmost seriousness and only take on the amount of debt that you know you can replay.  When forecasting your capital needs, always overestimate how much you will need and decide if a business loan is the best way to achieve your goals. The cost of borrowing money can be very high and the penalties for defaulting can be devastating for the failed business owner. We hope that the information we provide on this website helps you make an intelligent decision with regards to credit lines, business loans and starting a business in general..

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Seed Capital is a consulting firm that connects business owners to potential lenders, not a lender.
Interest rates and payment schedule will be set by each lender for each borrower on a case by case basis.

Clients who are pre-qualified for the Seed Capital consulting program are guaranteed to receive at least $50,000
in credit lines or no consulting fees will be charged.

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